Clean the Planet

We work around the clock to make the world a better place for future generations. Every contribution we get goes toward making our world a better place, through cleaning. Whether it is removing rubbish from our oceans, planting trees to freshen the air, or recycling plastic on our streets.

Feed the Children

The World Strategy Project strives everyday to better the lives of our global citizens and recipients through our food drives and giveaways — including feeding communities,  and fighting world hunger. We provide non-perishable food, water, shelter, and clothing, in order to help break the cycle of poverty. 

Teach the People

We work tirelessly to provide quality, long-term solutions for a number of pressing issues affecting our community. Our most significant causes are those that are often brushed aside by most. Our battle is against illiteracy, and we would love for you to become part of that change today.

About Us

With the dedication of our volunteers, staff members, and partners, we strive to improve the lives of everyone who needs help within the community. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do to bring about positive change.

How Do We Help?

World Strategy Project, a subsidiary of TVOC Foundation, is a non-profit group dedicated to helping those in need. Starting in 2022, our foundation is working hard with the help of our volunteers to help individuals - no matter the country. Our work is dedicated to funding and delivering charitable services, and we strive to inspire and improve the lives of those who need assistance. Get in touch to learn how you can make a difference.


Contact us to learn more about our efforts and how working together can make a lasting impact! 


Norman W.

Project Director

We Really Appreciate Your Support

Our success in helping the community has been made possible thanks to people just like you. With your generous contribution, no matter how great or small, we are able to truly make a difference. We are grateful for any help you can provide, and guarantee it will change lives for the better.


As a trusted community group, we provide assistance to the people who need it the most.

We rely on support from good-hearted people to create sustainable change in the world.


Want to help? You can show your support by donating financially or by sending our team non-perishable goods to maximize the good we do. The financial aid we receive makes a big difference in how we conduct our programs and efforts. However, if you prefer to donate your time and energy, we’d love to use your skills and talents in a capacity that helps the lives of our global recipients. Thank you for doing what you can to make a difference in the world.


Every person has the chance to make a change for good — no matter how big or small. Whatever amount you can give, or time you are willing to dedicate, know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of others. Your donation, together with those of our other supporters, brings us ever closer to our goals.

Every little bit of help is needed and appreciated.


Want to learn more?
Contact us today.

We’re always on the lookout for new collaborators and partners.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our cause, reach out to us today. There are plenty of ways to join us in making a real difference.


Please contact us to make arrangements for how you can support our world strategy project.


We appreciate your interest and effort.

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